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People forgot what "sustainable business model" even means. But if you've already got a steady base of followers from your Twitter account, creator website, or YouTube channel, you just might have enough resources to draw from to launch a successful campaign on Patreon. It is up to the creators to set up what the patrons get for pledging their support.

Meanwhile, with some planning and up-front work you could set up your own website to accept recurring payments, and reap the same benefits as joining Patreon with added independence from extra fees and policies made to benefit the company rather than the creator.

If they could, I'd love for PayPal fees to be waived if Patreon knows it's going into a PayPal account,” she said. Because of YouTube's monetization changes How to Deal With YouTube's Monetization Changes How to Deal With YouTube's Monetization Changes YouTube's new monetization rules have hit content creators hard.

In March 2015, Patreon acquired Subbable , a similar voluntary subscription service created by the Green brothers , John and Hank Green , and brought over Subbable creators and contents, including CGP Grey , Destin Sandlin 's Smarter Every Day, and the Green brothers' own CrashCourse and SciShow channels.

Patreon believes it's losing more casual creators during the signup process because new users may be overwhelmed by options and the company is hoping fewer barriers to entry might help with retention. A creator - an artist, writer, musician or anyone who creates something of value - creates an account and then sets up marvel a Patreon page, which showcases what they are creating.

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